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User Acquisition
We increase your user growth and revenue through Apple Store Advertising and Google app campaigns. Using our ROI-driven approach, we plan and execute advertising campaigns for you that are tailored to your business goals. We analyze your metrics and provide you with everything you need, including creatives, tracking, and traffic sources.
App Store OptimizatIon
We boost organic user growth by increasing your app store visibility. Continuous testing is the key to our success. We use continuous A/B testing, keyword research, competitor analysis, and internal analysis to get your app where it needs to go. There is no such thing as over-optimization!
App Reputation management
We protect your brand's reputation by monitoring its online presence in review sites and app stores. We analyze reviews and make suggestions to improve the app.

Challenges we help to overcome

You want to grow faster

When launching a new app or entering a new market, your team may need more time to be ready to expand. We will help to adjust to the fast changes and get results quickly. We are ready to start working on your project a week after the final discussion.

You need more expertise

You do not need to hire additional experts to solve mobile marketing challenges. Our experts will assist you with any task, large or small.

You need a clear strategy

It can be challenging to see the big picture and develop a long-term app promotion strategy. We help to think outside the box, ask the right questions, and develop a consistent strategy that aids in growth hacking.

Research Launch Analyze Scale

Growing an app is a complicated process that requires careful planning, hard work, and a little luck. However, you can increase your chances of success by focusing on providing value to users, marketing effectively, and regularly updating the app. Our team will be there for you every step of the way.

Case studies

Service App

Modest indexation and low traffic.

App’s visibility increased by 2 times in two short months. Higher targeted traffic. More installs.

Compiled and approved a list of essential queries. Utilized cross-localization by region to reach a wider audience. Optimized the metadata texts.

Budgeting app

Low rating of 3.6 stars. Prevalence of negative reviews.

The app’s rating went up from 3.2 to 4.6 in three months. The app’s overall visibility and credibility skyrocketed

Placed a Rate Us feature to encourage users to leave positive feedback. Added an easy contact method so that the users can inform developers about any issues faster. Reviewed the results monthly to identify more areas of improvement

Food and drinks app

Increase the number of downloads. Stay in the top 3 positions in search results

Downloads increased by 30%. The app hit the leading position in its industry

Identified the most traffic-generating queries that were being indexed. Ranked these queries in the top 3 of the search results. Maintained a high conversion rate for installations and kept the app at the top of the search results


App Store Optimization

Boost your app visibility & downloads

• Keyword research & Analysis
Recommendations for text and graphic optimization
Synchronizing the promotion tactics with the release calendar
Biweekly reporting


Full service

Hit your Marketing KPIs with us

• App Store Optimization
• Advertising strategy
• Ad creatives Design & Copywriting
• Monitoring of ratings and reviews
• Weekly reporting



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